The Castle Fantasy Football League 2016/17

Will you be the Special One? The Chosen One? The Tinkerman? Will you be over the moon or sick as a parrot? Find out by joining the Castle Fantasy Football League.

We use the Fantasy Premier League provided by the Premier League - the Castle has its own private league set up here.

Why use the Fantasy Premier League?

The Fantasy Premier League is free to join, easy to use and this season they promise apps for all platforms; they also seem to be very good at not spamming you.

Unlike some leagues, you can change your team throughout the season – so if, for the sake of argument, (and unlikely though this scenario is), you selected Daniel Sturridge and he then got himself injured for a few weeks, you could simply transfer him out, transfer someone else in and not have your team stuffed for the duration.

To join the Castle league

  1. Register with the Fantasy Premier League - (remember to opt of receiving any emails you don't want) you’ll be sent a confirmatory email with a clickable link – click that and you’re in
  2. Create your team - to save time you can let the game set up a team for you and then make changes later
  3. Sign up for the Castle League - this link should enrol you automatically; if not you can join up from your home page (click the 'create and join leagues' button) using the code 30943-11347

You can sign up at any time but it would be best to do this before the season begins so that you can be in on the fun from the start. The first deadline for setting up a team is 11:30am on Saturday 13 August.

What happens next?

For a start, why not pop down to the Castle whenever there’s football on to see how your players are doing and enjoy a pint and some friendly banter with your fellow managers, as well as enjoying their successes and feeling their pain. We have Sky Sports and BT on two screens, so we should get most games.

We’ll be awarding a prestigious Manager of the Season trophy (providing your definition of prestigious trophy doesn’t add up to much more than £10’s worth) at the end of the season – this will go to the manager whose team has amassed the most points over the season. They’ll also get a couple of pints to celebrate (we might even stretch to a bottle of Champagne substitute or something); in the unlikely event of a draw we’ll work something out.

On the first Sunday in every month (see the events calendar for dates) we’ll be naming a Manager of the Month – this will be the manager who whose team got the most points from the previous month’s game weeks. The winning manager will be entered into the ongoing hall of fame and be presented with two pints of the draught drink (ie not spirits) of their choice. There’ll also be an exciting photo opportunity to pose with the trophy. Again, if there’s a tie between one or more managers we’ll busk it (everyone in the hall of fame and perhaps just a pint each…we’ll see how it goes).

When you join the league you'll see a team called "The Castle Dummies", which we had to set up to register the league. This team will NOT be eligible for any prizes. This team was auto-generated, so, just for fun, we're going to leave it as it is and see how well it does (or more likely doesn't).